Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Baby Craddle and a variety of other goodies.

I have not decided if I should sell this little beauty or not. I found this treasure a little over a year ago and I finally got around to painting it. Maybe oneday I will have my own little one to put in here. So maybe I should hang on to it... Then I have my new little addition to my laundry room. Thanks to Target, the dollar store and the Pottery Barn I have these fun little clothes pins. Both old and new. I also have painted my new candlesticks to match my exisiting ones. I also found my new little filing organizer at the deseret boutique. With a little sanding and some paint I have a great new accessory to my desk. I also found a new little cabinet to house all of my bathroom necessities. I must say that I believe that the cabinet was the best find yet.